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Swimming Pool Mural Painting

Clean and protect your pool's surfaces
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Neighborly Painters has been serving the Columbus Ohio area for over 15 years. Our services are guaranteed, and our prices aim to please as well. If you are looking for painting contractors in Columbus, Ohio or the South Florida – Boca Raton area, contact us to learn more about our free painting estimates.


Custom Pool Murals

Is your swimming pool in need of a fun and unique update? A custom Pool Mural can give you exactly that. We offer an array of pool mural services ranging from full surface custom mural to small decal applications. Anything from underwater ocean themes, abstract designs, your favorite team logo, your family crest or any image you desire. The options are endless! Whatever pool mural concept we can brainstorm, we can create.

We have different size and application methods to fit your needs as every job is custom and unique. Pricing will vary based upon square foot sizing, level of detail and design work.

Please contact us at 561-501-0825 or email us at info@neighborlypainters.com for your free consultation. We look forward to working with you and creating a fun and unique look for your pool.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Plus, we follow a strict process on all painting projects which involves attention to: planning, color consulting, staging, prep-work, finish-work, clean up, and closing details. Our painters take care of your home or office by making sure that every piece of furniture is covered and secured before we do the painting. You do not have to worry about a thing.